The Namibia Nature Foundation in partnership with Triple Capital hosted its second webinar series under the topic; Namibia on the Road to COP26. The webinar aimed at sharing Namibia’s expectation in terms of decisions to tackle climate change, climate finance resources to avert climate crises and youth expectation of inclusivity in the decision making.

The webinar was moderated by Toini Amutenya the Research and Communications Officer for Triple Capital and featured experts to the topic of discussions such as Bernadette Shalumbu-Shivute the Senior Conservation Scientist at the Ministry of Environment, Tourism and Forestry who also sits at the Climate Change Unit of the ministry. Bernadette kicked started the panel discussion with a little introduction about the UNFCCC convention and why Namibia is participating in the upcoming COP26.  The expert added a section on why COP events are important to tackling climate change and shared Namibia’s expectations at the upcoming parties negotiations.

Louise Brown a Climate Finance expert and Director for Triple Capital also shared briefly the scope of Namibia’s climate financial model that outlines the country’s flow of finances and, touched on the importance of climate finance to realising the NDC target of Namibia.  The expert, also shared more in detail in terms of climate finances what she expects to see as outcomes at COP26.

Lastly, Deon Shekuza who has represented Namibian youths in these remarkable meetings of parties for the past years, shared the different engagement platforms global and regional youths have been engaging in, in preparation for COP26 whilst emphasising why youth are important parties to this high-level decision-making platform of the UNFCCC.

On the technical aspects, Mirja Stoldt welcomed over 40 audiences to the second series of the Civil Society Organisation Readiness for the Green Climate Fund Project webinar.  The NNF in partnership with Triple Capital scheduled to host several other webinar series to build CSO and CBO capacity to understand the concept of Climate Change in Namibia and introduce them to the processes of the GCF.

Below is the link to the webinar recording: