Our Expertise


We support government agencies to:

  • Develop policies and regulations to advance sustainable development in line with their Paris Agreement commitments
  • Set targets, identify priorities, and develop strategies and investment plans
  • Understand, access, deploy and track climate finance
  • Engage stakeholders and facilitate dialogue

We support the non-profit sector to:

  • Conduct research and analysis and develop reports
  • Understand climate resilience and mobilise climate finance
  • Design projects and programmes to advance climate resilient, sustainable development
  • Build partnerships for impact and innovation

We support the private and financial sectors to:

  • Understand the risks and opportunities associated with climate change and sustainability
  • Develop sustainability targets and strategies
  • Adopt best practice on reporting and disclosure and comply with voluntary standards

We offer:

  • Professional and academic bespoke training on climate and sustainable finance
  • Analytical research and thought leadership on climate and sustainable finance in Namibia and throughout sub-Saharan Africa
  • Tailored workshops, events and stakeholder consultations
  • Institutional assessments and capacity building to access climate funds