Louise Brown recently joined other experts for a discussion on The roots of climate resilience in Africa’s drylands: catalysing synergies between land restoration, community building and peace, at the Accelerating Nature-based Solutions Conference convened from 11th to 15th March 2024 in Livingstone, Zambia by Global Evergreening Alliance.

Speakers at the Panel Discussion. Photo By Leela Channer.

In the discussion, Louise shared lessons from Namibia on financing community-led adaptation, in particular: the importance of devolving decision-making rights over natural resources to communities who depend on them; the importance of building strong governance, capacities and systems at the local level and empowering communities to take ownership of their climate-resilient development (including putting in place benefit sharing arrangements appropriate to the local context); and the importance of patient, predictable source of finance over long periods, eventually moving towards revenue-generating activities that can allow communities to be financially independent.

The session was moderated by Dr. Alan Channer from Global Evergreening Alliance. The panel discussion speakers included; Louise Helen Brown, Founding Director of Triple Capital; Tsuamba Bourgou, Regional Coordinator for West Africa, Groundswell International; Irene Ojuok, PhD Student, Right Livelihood College, University of Bonn; and, Dr Assefa Tofu, Programme Manager, World Vision, Ethiopia.

Louise Brown during the panel discussion. Photo credit: Leela Channer.