The Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF) in partnership with Triple Capital hosted its first public webinar under the project “Civil Society Readiness for the Green Climate Fund”.  The webinar was a panel discussion aimed at increasing public understanding of climate finance and its relevance to Namibia.

Moderated by Toini Amutenya of Triple Capital, three distinguished panellists from Namibian institutions discussed climate finance needs in a Namibian context, Namibia’s policy framework,  and examples of projects that are building resilience to climate impacts. Bernadette-Shalumbu-Shivute, Senior Conservation Scientist at the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism, introduced Namibia’s commitment on climate change under the Paris Agreement, known as the “Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC)”, which will require a significant increase in climate finance to achieve. Benedict Libanda, Chief Executive Officer at the Environmental Investment Fund (EIF), discussed the role that the EIF has been playing to bring in international climate finance from the GCF and other sources to strengthen the resilience of communal farmers and vulnerable communities in the communal conservancies against the impacts of climate change. The EIF is one of a handful of institutions across Africa accredited to the GCF, from which it has raised over NAD500 million.

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Louise Brown, Director of Triple Capital, discussed how Namibia can scale up its access to climate finance including through tapping into private sector funding and more strategic use of public funding.

The “Civil Society Readiness for the GCF” project is a partnership between the Germany-based international NGO Germanwatch and civil society organisations (CSOs) in 10 African countries which aims to aims to strengthen the awareness and engagement of CSOs on climate finance and the GCF in particular. NNF, as the CSO partner in Namibia, will host a series of webinars to strengthen public awareness on climate change, climate finance and the GCF.

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