Toini Amutenya wins the Youth Action for Sustainable Award at the recently held Namibia Sustainable Development awards hosted by the Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia. Toini who is a youth activist for climate justice and a youth leader and representative for Namibian youth on international and regional youth platforms. Toini was awarded due to her outstanding work and advocacy for the sustainable development a program she hosts here in Namibia that invites youth to engage and present their challenges related to the Sustainable Development Goals. She also is a country coordinator in the UNFCCC 16 Conference of Youth working on the country’s youth statement on climate change by inviting Namibian universities and colleges to produce their collective statements. These statements are to be combined into a large global document to advocate youths’ concerns and recommendations in the fight for climate justice.

Toini has also been making waves on social media lately. Earlier this year, she was recognized as one of the Top100 Young African Leaders in Conservations.  We say well done, Toini!

Toini Amutenya captured with her award (photo contributed by Toini)

Pictured, first from the left, Deputy Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service, Emma Kantema – Gaomas, recipient of the Youth Action for sustainable development award, Toini Amutenya and Indileni Nanghonga, Senior Research and Product Development Specialist from Agribank.